The Fillmore Association of Businesses (FAB)

About FAB
The Fillmore Association of  Businesses (FAB) is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. The principal office of the Corporation in the State of California shall be located at 448 Santa Clara Street, in the City of Fillmore, County of Ventura. The mailing address of the Corporation is 448 Santa Clara Street, Fillmore, CA 93015.

Mission Statement
We are an association of downtown business owners, managers and property owners working together to bring innovative ideas and events to promote a sustainable, energized, and creative environment for attracting, tourism, families, businesses and community members to Downtown Fillmore now and in the future. Business retention, expansion, and attraction are keys to our success.

Vision Statement
The Vision Statement of the Corporation is:
We strive to be community champions to promote and support downtown Fillmore in ways that will encourage the balance of growth, prosperity and culture while maintaining business and historical significance that attract all ages of people to a vibrant Fillmore downtown destination.


Documents (2018)

Bylaws (2018)

Articles of Incorporation (2018)