Fillmore's new economic development plan is "Destination Fillmore"

A Strategic Plan for Fillmore Downtown Revitalization Project

Executive Summary
The strategic plan for the Fillmore Revitalization Project consists of the following high-level objectives and action steps:

The following community-created objectives serves as touchstones for the development of the plan:

The plan will reflect the community’s vision for the future growth of downtown.  The plan will be based on:
•    A transparent and inclusive process
•    Citizen and elected official/staff input
•    Public review, comments, and acceptance
•    Update the Fillmore Downtown Strategic Plan
•    Creating and implementing an effective marketing plan

•    Identify and actively engage in bringing new types of business that is geared for downtown development
•    Maintain and expand mixed use of retail
•    Incorporate 21st century technologies for downtown
•    Provide for more efficient and strategic parking sites
•    Expand use of public square next to City Hall

Housing and Architecture
•    Increase downtown housing options and density
•    Encourage well-designed infill where appropriate
•    Maintain character and preserve history
•    Implement new technologies that are designed for environmental sustainability

Community Engagement
•    Create opportunities for civic, arts, and cultural activities
•    Establish a cultural arts district
•    Utilize tourism for economic development
•    Provide community events by partnering with entities such as non-profits, churches, and outside resources
•    Partner with film/music industry

Vision Statement
The Fillmore Downtown Corridor will be a thriving and diverse community that will encompass its history, architecture, and incorporate 21st Century technology.  It will feature a balance mix of uses integrating retail, office, residential, dining, entertainment, and civic/cultural activities.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Fillmore Downtown Plan is dedicated to enhancing economic and civic vitality by establishing a comprehensive outline that meets the City’s Downtown Strategic Plan.  It will include promoting and marketing its vision by fostering partnerships, expand retail development, and establish the downtown area as our center for cultural arts and community events.

Ernie Villegas,
Special Projects Manager,
City of Fillmore
(805) 915-9648

Destination Fillmore Update PDF (2018)